Since 1953 Cifa has had an expressive participation in national market and in Latin America market of natural and artificial long fiber yarns, of medium and thick titles, for technical and manufacturing segment.

With a large industrial base, an excellent team of 300 collaborators, state-of-the-art machines with projects being developed inside the company and a constant concern with the environment.

It has been manufacturing polyamide(nylon)  and polyester yarns for high resistance sewing, it has been serving industrial sewing for diverse segments of economy from leather goods (footwear, safety footwear, purses, suitcases, belts, outfitter boots and gloves), furniture industry, mattresses, automobile industry, camping tents, technical yarns, filtering, manufacturing, decoration, telecommunication, hose lines, belt drivers and woven bags. Always offering an efficient and high quality product.



1953 a 1957 - Founded in Amparo – SP under the name of “Fiação Otto Hertz”.

1958 a 1973 – Companhia Industrial de Fios Amparo

1974 a 1984 – Cia Industrial de Fios e Armazéns

1985 a 1986 – CIFA Fios e Linhas

1987 a 1995 – Tupy Fios e Linhas 

1996 a 1997 - CIFA Têxtil

1998 a 2010 - CIFA Têxtil Fios e Linhas

2011 – Cifa Fios e Linhas (New visual identity)







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Av. Fransisco Morato de Oliveira, 833 Jardim Brasil
Amparo/SP - Cep 13902-265
Phone: +55 (19) 3808.7777
Cel: +55 (19) 99648.3789
E-Mail: cifa@cifafioselinhas.com.br


Av. Dr.Joaquim Firmino Pereira Jorge, 1152
Vila Formosa - Franca/SP - Cep 14405-162
Phone/Fax: +55 (16) 3723-1466
E-Mail: cifafranca@cifafioselinhas.com.br

Av. Nações Unidas, 3116
Bairro Rio Branco - Novo Hamburgo/RS - Cep 93320-144
Phone/Fax: +55 (51) 3581-5388 / 3065-5256 / 3065-5356
E-Mail: cifasul@cifafioselinhas.com.br